Y, we analyzed whether the clinical presentation at the time of diagnosis was incidental or symptomatic. Then, a single pathologist analyzed the anatomic and pathological variables as follows: histology type, fuhrman nuclear grade, presence of intra-tumoral microvascular invasion, and tumor size. The study included calculation of disease-free survival and specific cancer-survival curves with respect to all the above variables. viagra price in indian rupees The study compared the tumor size over these 11 years and the surgical treatment, nephron sparing or radical surgeries. The study also included an analysis of the individuals who underwent nss. viagra generic The features of rcc treated during the last six years of the 20th century were compared to the first five years of the 21st century.      the post-surgical follow-up of the individuals was performed in a clinic, and afterward, there was a 3 months period of confirmation by telephone of the current health status of the patient. The clinical follow-up included a chest x-ray, abdominal ct scan and/or us, and blood tests every 4 months during the first year, every half-year from the second to the fifth year, then annually after this period. viagra for sale in usa The statistical analysis was based on kaplan-meier curves and the differences in survival between the groups used the log rank test. buy generic viagra Results were considered significant when the p-value was below 5% (p < 0. viagra online fast delivery 05). Results      up to the year 2000, the majority of tumors had a size greater than > 4 cm (61%). viagra canada online However, after the turn of the century, there was a change in tumor size that underwent resection. cheap viagra online After 2001, 64% of the tumors were < 4 cm, and the nephron-sparing surgery was duplicated as shown in table-1. viagra online cheap canada      table-2 shows the average, median, and standard deviations of the tumor size from patients who underwent surgery from 1995 to 2005. where to buy viagra in qatar      the types of surgeries performed during the study period are shown in table-3. viagra online fast delivery It is important to emphasize that during the period of 1995-2000 the nss and radical nephrectomy were 17% and 83%, while during 2001-2005 it was 42% and 58%, respectively.      figure-1 shows the profile of tumor sizes over the years, allowing for the perception of a gradual reduction in the tumor size over this pe. viagra canada